Seeing a Wu Bai and China Blue concert on DVD is nothing compared to the reality of it all.  Being in a huge crowd of people who adore him, all of us singing along at the top of our lungs and swaying in time to the music, is an experience I can't effectively convey in words.  You just have to be there yourself to know what it's like.  I have no desire to be in a crowd that size here in the US, but the Asian fans are so respectful and considerate that I had no qualms about being there. 

One of the highlights of the Taipei concert for me was getting to see the band perform "愛你一萬年" (Love You 10,000 Years) live.  That one has always been a favorite of mine from the Live 1995 VCD, and I was so happy they did it.  Even though Wu Bai didn't write the music or lyrics, he's still made that song so completely his that it doesn't sound right when anyone else sings it.  Another treat was "199 Roses" which I understand has never been performed on stage before.  Although it was just part of a medley of
the older tunes, I loved hearing it.  I think it?s one of the most beautiful songs Wu Bai has written.

A favorite part of the show for everyone was the rendition of "一點點" (Just A Little), with Wu Bai's deliberately off-key trumpet playing and 小朱, 大貓, and Dino all doing a little dance routine along with.  I guess this was one portion of the show that I actually stopped watching Wu Bai and watched the guys.  It's still up in the air who was the best dancer, although the crowd sure seemed to favor Dino.

I really don't even know all the songs that were performed because they all blended into one big song in my mind.  There were songs that Wu Bai wrote for others that I was not familiar with, so it was cool to hear him do some new stuff, and I'm really hoping for a live concert CD that will have these songs on it.  I found it so odd that he had dancers on stage for a couple of songs since it's such a departure from what I've seen on the other concert DVDs.  I confess I didn't really watch them much anyway.  For me, Wu Bai
himself is entertainment enough, and I see no need for costume changes or dancers to make his concerts interesting.  I just like him in basic black with no frills, but I did get a kick out of his big white sunglasses he wore during the fan dance song (and the white shirt was quite interesting after it got soaked with rain and became rather see-through).

One of his guests was 徐若瑄 (Vivian Hsu), and the song he wrote for her is "Angel."  I rather liked it, too, catchy little tune.  I think, but I could be wrong, that 李宗盛 (Jonathan Lee) was also there, doing "Orphans of Taipei."  You would think I would remember this, but as I said - it was a blur!

All too soon, it was over.  Despite the crowd begging for more encores, the show had to end because in Taipei the rules say 10:00.  I heard the band had to pay a large fine for going a bit over and that if they had continued, the power would simply have been cut.  Boo, not fair.  But, it was over and we stood around in a happy daze for awhile before heading back to the hotel for some much-needed sleep, already anticipating the next show in Changhua the following Saturday.

And now it's finally Friday and time to head off to Changhua with 夏夜晚風 and four other gals for the concert there.  Carol was sick the whole time we were on vacation, and by now she was feeling really bad.  She opted to stay at the hotel Friday with plans to join us on Saturday if she felt better.  So, off we went on a three-hour drive that went by very fast thanks to the fact that 夏夜晚風 had a VCD player in the van and we watched Wu Bai concerts all the way there!

We arrived around 12:30 a.m. and found our way to the venue and our group who was already camped out as usual, first in line.  It was great to see the familiar faces again and greet those who had been in Taipei.  The young lady who had introduced me to Wu Bai's mother in Taipei told me that she had once again been there, and that she had asked all sorts of questions about me, being very amazed that I not only knew about her son but that I'd come all the way from the US to see him.  I thought this was great, because I figured she'd pass all this along to Wu Bai himself - go Mom! 

I was very happy to be able to spend some time talking with 孤鳥 (a nice guy I'd been writing to occasionally) that evening in a quiet environment.  We had met and tried to talk in Taipei, but the language barriar was us (it was so noisy we couldn't understand each other's attempts at English and Mandarin).  However, in the stillness of the evening at Changhua, we had better luck and managed a bit of conversation.  He also gave me two concert posters, bless his heart, and some photos of Wu Bai.  Yay!

I tried to get some sleep that night, I swear I did.  But, I was sharing a very tiny tent with 夏夜晚風 and one other fan, and 夏夜晚風 snored all night long!  She will deny this, but it is true.  I think I managed maybe one or two hours of sleep, and then it was 5:30 a.m. and I was up.  The vendors were already starting to roll in, setting up small stands selling fresh juices (oh my, the fresh watermelon juice - 西瓜汁 - is fabulous!), sizzling sausages, bottled water, and other varied goods.  The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight, and the weather was relatively cool, with a small breeze that kicked up into quite a wind later in the day before dying back down again.
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