Some links to various articles on the man and the band
Wu Bai: A Perfect Score - China Post January 18, 2002 - NEW!
French Interview of Wu Bai Translated into English from HK Cinemagic (Deauville Film Festival March 2001) - NEW!
Mediacorp Singapore - Review of "Movie Songbook" CD
Mediacorp Singapore - Review of Wu Bai's "Real World" concert on March 25, 2000
Mediacorp Singapore - short article (and I take great offense to their comment that WB is "lack in the looks department" - are these people BLIND?
Sinorama - Change, Change, Change for Taiwan's Pop Music - April 1998
Taiwan He@dlines - Students Prefer Rock Star to President - December 13, 1999
Taiwan He@dlines - Shifting Sounds - April 6, 2000
Taiwan He@dlines - PRC Invades Pop Music Scene - May 24, 2000
TimeAsia  - I'll Keep Doing What I Think is Entertaining - October 24, 2000
Taipei Times - story about teenage drinking with reference to Wu Bai's beer commercial - January 24, 2000
Like Making Music Together - HK I-mail article on Wu Bai, Nicholas Tse, and Time and Tide
Wu Bai Hits the Target - article on Wu Bai in Time and Tide
Kung Fu E-Zine Review of Time and Tide
Straight Times article on how Wu Bai auctioned off two guitars to raise money for Taiwan earthquake victims (scroll all the way to the bottom)
Taiwan's Ultimate Rebel - Taipei Times July 15, 2001
Wu Bai Biography in English from
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