Now, here's Wu Bai as he's not often seen - wearing something besides black!
The look on his face is priceless.  I just know he's thinking, "Why am I wearing Aaron Kwok's clothes?"
A thousand thanks to Lilian for providing these beautiful photos of this beautiful man so we can all drool on our keyboards and ruin them.  Just imagine Wu Bai looking at you like that.....
This is the Wu Bai we know and love - basic black, looking cool
Leather pants.....I *like* leather pants......a lot
Ummm, nice suit.  Love the hair, too.
Don't you just wanna put your arms around him and make him smile?
Could the man be any more cool?  I think not.
I truly hope this shirt is NOT in Wu Bai's closet, because it's flat ugly. 
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