They started letting us in for the show around 6:30 p.m.  It was so much nicer getting into the pub than getting into the 九重天 concert in May.  We didn't have to make a run for it, since they just filed us in a very orderly fashion, and we were among the first in line, thanks to all the fans who stayed overnight to hold the spot.  The stage was very low, maybe just a foot and a half high, and they had built a shorter wooden platform to go over the dance floor, which was circular.  Our group crammed right up to the edge of the platform, with Carol and me in the second row, and Wu Bai's mike stand was no more than 5 feet away. 夏夜晚風 was saying, "Oh my god, so close!  I can't believe it's this close!"  There was just a small area between us for the security guys to sit, and then he was going to be RIGHT THERE!  Yikes!

We sat and waited, somewhat patiently.  We began the "Wu Bai! Wu Bai!" chant around 7:00, then they announced it would be 7:30 before the show began.  Argh, more waiting.  But, it wasn't horrible because they were playing the new music video for Maple over and over, and it's such a beautiful song, and Wu Bai is just so gorgeous in it - I didn't mind!

OK, 7:30 and the lights dimmed and the band hit the stage.  When the spotlight hit Wu Bai and he was just so very close, I was in my own little 9 Layer Heaven.  It was just the coolest experience to be that close to him, to be able to watch his fingers flying over the guitar strings, because the man can play that guitar like no one else.  Dang, we were close enough to see each individual bead of sweat.  Poor Dino was behind a glass partition (he told one of the gals later that he felt like one of the ladies who sells tickets at the MRT station or movie theater), but I had a great view of Xiao Zhu (the kick-ass bass player) as well as Wu Bai.  Da Mao (incredible keyboard player) was to my left and harder to see except when folks moved a bit, so I didn't get to watch him as much as I wanted.

The guys launched into the first number, and I don't even remember what song it was because I was so caught up in all the excitement, and then it was just non-stop.  Most of the songs were the fast ones, and the sweat was soon pouring from Wu Bai.  Why they insist on wearing long-sleeved shirts to perform under hot lights is something I will never understand!  At least he had the sense to change into a short-sleeved T-shirt when they came back for the encore :)   I was having such a great time, and honestly I think I was watching Wu Bai's hands more than anything, just enjoying seeing him play because he's just so good. 

The guys may keep a distance from fans when they're in public, but from the stage Wu Bai and the rest of them totally acknowledge the fans.  They know who the regulars are, who spends the longest time in line waiting to see them.  They smile and nod to the ones they know, and there's a special bond that's very noticeable.  I think it's great that the band really appreciates the efforts their fans go through whenever there's a concert, so unlike the bands in the US who seem to think it's nothing special that fans go out of their way to attend concerts.

When the band did Long Way Fall, the whole crowd was jumping up and down.  The folks downstairs thought there was an earthquake!  I thought we were going to break that platform, but we didn't.  Everyone was singing as loud as they could throughout the whole show, and the energy in that room was tangible, like crackling lighting running through all of us.  The band throws heart and soul into their performance, blasting us with all that wildness, and the fans gather it up and fling it right back at them.  It's just a cycle of qi energy going back and forth, and it's so obvious that the guys just love the fans and love to be on stage in front of them.  I've never seen a band interact with the audience to the degree that Wu Bai and China Blue do.  They're part of us, and we're part of them, and it's the most fantastic thing I've ever experienced.  It's no wonder that we'll wait days in line to see these guys.

The Friday show was fairly short, over by just a bit past 9:30.  I was a little disappointed that it didn't go longer, but I knew the boys were wiped out because they hadn't slowed down one bit all evening.  We all filed back out to return to our places in line, already anticipating the Saturday show.  The pub was opening up for regular business, so we had to move away from the front of it, back over to the padded bench area.  A few others who were only going to the Saturday show, including 孤鳥, had shown up by now.  I stayed until just after midnight, and got to see Dino again when he came back to get something he'd forgotten.  One of the guys, PJ, told me to go ahead and go back to the hotel because he'd be there all night & it wasn't a problem.  So, being the smart girl that I am, I did so.

Saturday morning, back to the queue at 7:45 a.m.  Again, freezing cold outside,  brrrr.  Another run for coffee and food got us perked up, and back inside at 11:00 for yet another long day.  I was there almost the whole time on Saturday except for a couple food breaks, and the time passed so quickly because we were watching videos on the laptop (there's no such thing as too much Wu Bai and China Blue in concert, you know).  When Carol showed up a little later in the day, she said she'd ridden up in the elevator with Da Mao!  Then 夏夜晚風 came back from somewhere, and *she'd* ridden up with Wu Bai!!!!  OMG, she could barely talk.  Yes, definitely camping out at the elevator entrance next time.
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