Carol said she'd seen all sorts of recording equipment being unloaded downstairs, so we knew they'd be filming the show on Saturday.  This time when we got inside, they had the very front of the platform marked off and we weren't able to stand as close.  The press guys were going to get to be right in front, but at least they stayed seated and didn't block our view.  They had also built up a higher platform that came out into the audience, so we knew Wu Bai would be getting up on that.  Too bad I wasn't thinking ahead - I would have stood right there, because he was just *inches* away from the fans when he got up on that.  Ah, hindsight....always 20/20.

Anyway, the show on Saturday was even better because when the cameras are on these guys, they do 200% more.  They were simply wild all night, hamming it up for the camera guy, smiling, joking around, having so much fun.  The first thing I noticed was that on Wu Bai's shirt lapels there were little designs in
red, white, and blue.  Now, whether it was done on purpose for the two lone American fans or not, I was still tickled to see them.  And then, after the first song, when Wu Bai was talking to everyone, he said - in English! - "Enjoy the evening."  I know that was for us, because I've been told that Wu Bai never speaks English at his concerts (no need to, it's usually just Chinese fans).  It just felt so good to have him acknowledge us like that, it was very cool, and I couldn't stop smiling all night.

As I said, the show was incredible.  Words can't even express it, sorry, you just had to be there.  I sure hope they make this into a VCD one of these days so everyone can experience it.  They played longer Saturday, too, going until almost 10:00, two encores.  It still wasn't long enough for me.  I could listen to them for hours and hours. 

Everyone  went out for hot pot after the show.  We were all so high and happy, and we drank about 11 of the big bottles of Taiwan beer (and not everyone was drinking it!).  Charlene and I ended up crying, thinking how sad it was that the shows were over and we were going to have to part again.  I think Sharrie got a few tears in, too.  We told stories, laughed, ate until we could eat no more, toasted all sorts of things (any excuse to drink, hm?), and just enjoyed ourselves.  I was totally fried when I fell into bed, somewhere close to 2:00 a.m., and I slept like a baby.  Sunday we bought up all the newspapers that had articles about the show, and they even mentioned there that fans came from America.  Woohoo, we're famous!  We were even on the news in Singapore, yeah!

I don't know when I'll have the next chance to see this awesome band perform again, but I sure hope it's sometime soon.  I'll suffer through the long flight anytime I'm able, just to be there and be a part of the Wu Bai and China Blue phenomenon.  I don't know how long it will take me, but I *will* end up living in Taiwan so that I have more opportunity to see these guys in concert.  I'm a Wu Bai and China Blue fan for the rest of my life!

Until next time, over & out.
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