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Japanese Aqua-titanium Tornado 3-Strand Braided Healing Sports Necklaces and Bracelets
Imported from Japan, the strands of these revolutionary necklaces and bracelets are coated with aqua-titanium.
Its core has micro-sized titanium spheres, as well as carbonized titanium - the latest in sports medicine!
Click the photo for the larger version.
TN268 - US$29.99
TN393 - US$29.99
TN395 - US$29.99
TN397 - US$29.99
TN269 - US$23.99
TN193 - US$23.99
TN195 - US$23.99
TN197 - US$23.99
Japanese Aqua-titanium Healing Sports Bracelets, Cloth
Great for those of you who type all day and suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.
Golfers will also appreciate the smooth fit of these bracelets.
TN293 - US$23.99
TN295 - US$23.99
Japanese Aqua-titanium Healing Sports Lanyards / Keychains
Great for your iPod, MP3 player, small camera, USB Flash drive, cell phone, keys, hunting or fishing license, ID badge, name tag, metro pass (Octopus Card, MRT Card), game or concert tickets, you name it
TN901 - US$25.99
TN902 - US$25.99
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