It was about 10 years ago, the owner of Crystal Record company, Mr. Zen, who cofounded a charity concert for children who were suffering from serious disease. Mr.Zen's little girl was also under the threat of cancer.  Wu Bai was one of the performers who sang in this concert, and composed this song especially for him.  (Notes and English translation provided by a Taiwan fan)

你是我的心肝  You Are My Darling

最近的晚瞑 我定定會起床~
Lately, I always wake up at night.
目睛金金 看你看到天光
Devour your face with my eyes until the morning has broken.
你睏甲真甜 笑容是彼呢單純
You are sweet in sleep, with innocent smile.
溫暖的愛 一時煞充滿心門
Suddenly, my heart is full of love and warmth
真希望會凍 永遠甲你作伴
I truly wish I can be your companion forever
輕輕鬆鬆 唱咱快樂的歌
Easily, singing our happy song
人生的路上 總有坎坷的路愛行
On the road of life, there are always things which are tough
嘸免煩惱 我是妳的靠山
Don't worry, I am your strength
不管風雨有多大 你是我的心肝
No matter how harsh the storm, you are my darling
讓我陪伴你 你永遠不會孤單
Let me accompany you, you will never be lonely
就算講海水嘛會乾 你也是我的心肝
Even if the sea becomes dry, you are still my darling
無人可比 一生一世
No one can ever compare with you, throughout my whole life
I am the one who loves you the most. (Repeat)

Please notice that Mr. Zen's Crystal Record was a very special company (poor one) who discovered Wu Bai at the very beginning, and worked with mostly poor musicians. So, the Charity Concert was to raise a foundation for his girl, but the little girl died because of a tumor in 1994.  After the passing of a decade, it means more in this Love & Power Charity Concert.

I did say the song might have been made for his mother, because she was also suffering a long period illness after a car accident.  I think Wu Bai must have thought of his mother while he composed or sang this song.
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